San Pedro Alcantara - Marbella

Marbella located in Málaga City is known throughout the world as one of the most luxurious cities in our country. A place where rich and famous people from all over the world tend to stay and which has Puerto Banus as the jewel of a crown that seems to not wear out over time. But today we have not come to tell you about the qualities and eccentricities of Marbella but of a small town located about 15 kilometers away that is known as San Pedro Alcántara, the hidden gem of Marbella.

San Pedro Alcántara can be defined as a small urban center belonging to the well-known city of Malaga that has nothing to do with the way of life of it. An austere destination and far from the eccentricities in which gastronomy and blue flag beaches are framed as the most outstanding features. Undoubtedly, a different place that has become one of the most important tourist attractions of Andalusia in the past summer. A destination with the cultural heritage by flag of which we are going to tell you its most outstanding characteristics.